Delivery Day

I knew the pine tree over my driveway would have to be trimmed in order for the air conditioner to clear. I also knew that the coach in general would clear, so I could back in to a point before reaching the air conditioner, and then climb up on the coach and do the necessary trimming. I climbed up the ladder to the roof with my tree trimming implements. The roof was incredibly slippery. I scooted up to the limb to be trimmed and started sawing, holding on for dear life to the part being cut off. Then I pictured a cartoon character sitting on the wrong side of the limb heís cutting, and the joke is that once the cut is made, the tree falls to the side leaving the character sitting suspended in thin air grinning. I thought the more likely out come in my case would be that the limb I was holding on to to keep from falling off the RV would fall to the ground taking me with it. So I paused to change my strategy. I decided I could cut a little further down along the limb, and that worked out okay. I lived to tell the tale.
Here are the pictures of my RV in my driveway. I canít believe I didnít notice the SOLD sign at the time I took the pictures. O well.

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