Big Sur

Big Sur is a very popular camping destination. I doubt there are many people who can drive through Big Sur on highway 1 and not be impressed. There are many places to camp. I ended up staying at two different sites that were only a few miles from each other.

The first weekend was spent at Big Sur Campgrounds. This one has hookups, which was important for that weekend because I had guests, and I wanted maximum comfort. On Saturday, we went to a private party at the Hawthorne Gallery (invitations are granted to people who have purchased an art piece there. I was the guest of a purchaser). It was quite a party. There are a few pictures below.

Some of our group stayed at the Fernwood campground.

After the weekend, I switched to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. It's very large with lots of campsites and trails. No hookups, but that's fine when it's just me, and it's for a few days.

Here are some pictures.
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