Pinnacles National Park

I spent a couple of days at this park. There is only one campground, and it's not near the trails. If you're in an RV, the only way to get to the trails is by shuttle. The shuttle was only running on one of the days that I was here, so the other day was spent doing chores. Having both days for hiking would have been good, because there is a lot to see here. I really wore myself out in one day. I hiked for about 3 hours straight, and that's about all I can handle when there's a lot of up and down. The first set of pictures below (after the Big Sur pictures), are from a trail that leaves the canyon and shows some of the beauty of the place. I only have a few pictures from the canyon. I just didn't think the pictures did it justice. It really is a really fascinating place.

The campground can only be accessed from the east side. That makes for a little extra driving in most cases (depending on where you're coming from). However, the drive on highway 25 was well worth it. I arrived from the north while it was raining, and because of the rain, I didn't notice the scenery much. I left the park by driving south on 25, and it was really pretty.

I made another visit to Big Sur on this trip. Since I didn't go to anywhere new, and I already have a page for Big Sur, I'm just going to add a few pictures from this visit to this page.
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