Mammoth Lakes

On the way to Mammoth Lakes, I stopped at Red Rock Canyon State Park for my second visit. As on my first visit, I was the only one there for most of the time. That time I think it was because it was off season. This time (early July), the desolation must be because of the heat! It was 105 when I arrived. I was going to stay two nights, but only stayed one.

Most of my time at Mammoth Lakes was spent at the only park that has hookups. Some of the sites at this park are better than others, but a lot of the sites (including mine) were nothing more than a parking space on an asphalt parking lot. It had all the comforts of home though, including cable. The town was a short walk away, and there were some trails to hike, so I kept myself entertained.

The second place I stayed was close to the first. Instead of going directly to it, I took a drive to the lakes. I asked at the visitor's center if certain roads were okay for an RV of my size, and was assured that it was okay. As it turned out however (either because the lady was just mistaken, or because it was the 4th of July weekend), navigating the roads was extremely difficult. There were so many "parked" cars that were somewhat -- sometimes halfway -- on the road, I could barely get by even when there was no one coming in the other direction. When there was opposing traffic, it was a nightmare!

The second campground was very nice. The sites were large, with some privacy. The trails through the woods were very nice, and there were a lot of them.

On the way back I stopped at Indian Hill Ranch and RV Park in order to break the drive into two legs. It's a nice place with rolling hills and a couple of lakes.
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