Fall 2018

I did my annual trip to Nantucket in September. Then I headed back to the West coast. I made a few site seeing stops.

I got a few pictures at Virginia Safari Park. In Tennessee, I took a hike to Ozone Falls. I took a few pictures at a lake in Oklahoma. I stopped at a Route 66 museum in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

A major site seeing stop was Acoma Sky City, New Mexico. This is the oldest continually inhabited community in the United States. I didn't get any pictures of people, but they do live here. Visitors are only allowed by taking the official tour. It was a very interesting tour -- a little disturbing because of all the abuse done by the Spanish conquistadors.

And then the last stop was Sedona, Arizona.


Virginia Safari Park.

Ozone Falls.

Lake in Oklahoma.

Route 66 museum

Acoma Sky City, New Mexico

Sedona, Arizona
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