2021 Epilog

My property has three acres of land. I thought I should be able use some of it for some additional living space. My first thought was to park the RV somewhere on the property, and have that serve as a guest house, or perhaps a rental space. Unfortunately, the climate here would not allow it to be used year round. And supplying it with water, and dealing with the sewage would be a pain.

Then I looked at how much space in the garage wasn't being using. The garage has two large bays. One for my car, and the other for my tractor (which only needs half that bay). Then there's a half-bay that wasn't being used for anything. I figured if I combined that half-bay with half of the tractor bay, it would make a pretty good sized apartment.

So I sold the RV, and used the money to build the apartment. The biggest issue was getting water into the apartment, and creating the sewage system. I hired a plumbing contractor to do that job.

I hired an electrician to add more outlets and lights and some 240 volt lines to power the stove, hot water heater, and the heating and air-conditioning unit.

I hired one of my nephews to do the carpentry, and a couple other workers for various tasks. I even did a little bit of work myself (in addition to being the project manager).

All the workers -- and family members too -- gave many good suggestions. As a result, it turned out a lot better than I originally envisioned.

Here is the result.