Live Oak Music Festival

This is an annual music festival that is put on by a local PBS radio station. This was the 25th anniversary.

Campers arrive a day early and camp in a field for the first night. We’re lined up for what is affectionately called the “land rush” in the morning. We rush up to the festival camping to get the best site possible. These pictures show only a fraction of the lineup.

This is the lineup for the port-a-potties in the morning. This doesn’t have an affectionate term.

A few pictures of our campsite. Our group consisted of two trailers, my RV, two tents, and of course, a complete kitchen.

This is the secondary stage called “Hot Licks”, which is nicely decorated by my sister and her crew.

Where there is a beautiful large oak tree, there is shade, and there are people. This is near the main stage.

The main viewing area in front of the stage is in the sun, so it’s mostly full in the evening. A really neat rule they have about seating, is that, if a chair is unoccupied, it’s available for anyone to use, until the owner comes back to it.
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