Retirement Transition

A major step in my RV Adventures was to retire, so I could be free to go as I please. My last day of work was August 15th. My house was in escrow at the time, and was due to close on the day after Labor Day. It was a lot of work to downsize from a three bedroom house, to an RV. Most of the work was done by the time the house was sold. I had moved out of the house, and into my RV about a week before the close. I moved to a nearby RV park for a month, in order to have time for finishing all my San Diego business before hitting the road. I also did my yearly Nantucket trip during that time.

So I'm now at my "home base" near San Louis Obispo. I've arranged to have a place to park my RV for a few days now and then, for taking care of business and be with some family.

Here are some pictures from my Nantucket trip.

This is a windmill at the Los Coaches RV park in Lakeside, where I stayed for a month.

Here are some pictures at the beach near my "home base".
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