Fall 2014

September started with my usual yearly trip to Nantucket. We had a new place to stay at this year. The old one was sold, and no longer available. We all liked the new place. It was more comfortable, with more room and more amenities. The down side was that it was further from town, so we could not easily walk into town for dinner and shopping. Most of us had bikes though, so we got around. And taxies were used when needed. Here are some pictures from Nantucket.

I took a trip up the coast (CA) in October. This was the first trip where I headed out without having reservations (except for the last stop, where I met up with others). My first stop was Morro Bay State park for a couple of days. I'd been there before. Then I went to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, thinking that there would be plenty of campsites available, because there are so many sites, and it was off-season. I was wrong though, probably because it was Friday. Luckily, I got a spot at nearby Big Sur campground. I stayed there for two days, and then continued up the coast.

I found out that my Garmin GPS device contains a list of nearby RV parks. That worked great for finding the next two stops. One was a KOA site, which are usually good places as far as amenities are concerned. This one was particularly nice with large spots. It was the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay facility. I stayed there three days and then went a little further north to Smithwoods RV Park. This place was deep in the Redwood forest. Very pretty.

Then I headed back south to meet up with my sister and brother-in-law back at Big Sur. We had adjoining campsites that worked out great for our three day stay. The adjoining campsites made a good arrangement for using my outside TV. We watched a classic: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

One purpose of being there was to go to an annual party at an art gallery. Here are a few pictures from that party.

I went to Lopez Lake in November. I've been there a couple of times before. This was my first trip with the scooter. It worked out great. I was able to ride ten miles to Arroyo Grande to do shopping and get lunch at a few of the many restaurants in town. It's a nice little town. I was there for a week and a half, so being able to go into town a few times was very helpful.

Here is an assortment of pictures of the shore areas that I go to regularly, as they are all near my home base.
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