December 2014

I did a one week trip to Pinnacles National Monument. It turned out to be a very well timed trip. The area had already gotten a lot of rain, and got some more while I was there. So everything was green and there was a lot of running water in the caves and the streams. I camped on the east side (the only place for camping). The shuttles up to the trails were not running at this time of year. Unlike the last time I was here, I didn't need the shuttles this time, because I had my scooter with me. I hiked five trails. The pictures below are from the various hikes, categorized by "valley" and "hills".

First up, the Valley. Some of these are from a couple of trails that are accessible from the campsite. There is another valley trail a little higher up that you have to drive to.

Here are pictures from the trails in the hills:
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