January 2015

I headed south and east for this "winter" month. My first stop was Sam's Family Spa, near "Desert Hot Springs". I'd been there before. This time however, I had the advantage of my scooter so I could check out some of the surrounding towns and sites. The first set of pictures are from Cabot's Pueblo Museum in "Desert Hot Springs".

The next set of pictures is from a hike in Thousand Palms Oasis reserve.

It was a long ride on my scooter, but I also went to the Tram in "Palm Springs". I had taken the tram back in 1995. Since then, they updated the tram cars so they now rotate. It's a great way to see the mountain and the valley on the way up and down. Here's some pictures.

Next I went to Hemet Lake, near Idyllwild. There wasn't much to see at the camp site, but Idyllwild is a nice little town to visit. I also found a few trails to hike nearby. Here's some pictures.

I made a one night stop at Joshua Tree National Park (no pictures this time). Next I went to Borrego Springs in the Anza-Borrego Desert. I'd been here before too, and again, the scooter made exploring the town itself easier. The main thing that made this visit more fun was meeting up with my friends from San Diego. They brought their Jeep, so we were able to go to some out-of-the-way trails. We also did some four-wheel-driving on a pretty wild road. It was designated as four-wheel-drive only, and they weren't kidding.
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