February 2015

I spent five days at Jalama Beach County Park. I thought there was going to be lots of hiking in the hills above the beach, but it turns out I had misread the description from one of my books. It said "Isolated beach especially good for hiking." I thought it meant there was a good beach and good hiking too. Instead it meant that the beach was the only place to hike. (I don't usually think of walking on the beach as "hiking".) My impression of the beach in front of the campground was not very exciting. It was covered in seaweed, and not at all interesting. Then I "hiked" south on the beach, and was very impressed with the walk and the beauty. The pictures will give you some idea of the beauty.

Next I spent a couple of days at a large RV park near Solvang, CA. Solvang is an interesting town, surrounded by lots of wineries, and a very specific style of architecture. It was founded by a Danish colony, and all the buildings in the downtown area maintain the Danish architecture. I only took one picture, but maybe you can get the idea.
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